The Beach

seagulls above duncan

When we lived away from the shore, the beach that I reminisced about from my childhood became a place in my head where I took my troubles. Now that we visit the beach regularly it is less a shelter for sorrows and more of a gigantic force of life. Each moment is filled with change.  The cormorants catch a breath of wind, glide, and then dart into the water.  Seagulls squawk as they fight for food.  Sand is shifted and pushed upland or washed away.  Plants bend from the pressure of unstopping wind.  Heavy lidded clouds roll over the sun while waves gather force before smashing a salt spray onto the shore.

Last time we walked along this stretch of beach an entire tree trunk had washed ashore and a section had been reclaimed by the ocean.  Yet that day the waves gently brushed the sand.

Perpetual alterations.

sun dark


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