Pop Tuesday

I listened to Pandora’s “Shake It Off” station today… more pop music than is legal for a 42 year old.  Until last year I’d never sat down and listened to pop music because I was too cool for that. Which just shows how much I limited my life. Pop music is fascinating. My brain is still vibrating from its urgency.

I learned that Taylor Swift really enjoyed being 22. I’m jealous. I never embraced 22. I’d like to write a copycat song about 42, but I’m not that clever. Now that I think about it, the words to the song still apply.  I’m gonna keep dancing like I’m 42. Which would probably horrify my children if they were of the age to be embarrassed by their mother.  We are not quite there yet.

I remember the incredulity and irritation I felt at my mother’s incorrect pronunciation and mis-memory of the names of bands and famous actors/actresses.  She thought it was funny that she went to the record store and requested the Travelling Mulberries instead of the Travelling Willburys.  I was mortified.

I lost my original train of thought. Pop music.  A whole day of pop music is too much. Limited doses are best for this 42 year old brain. What music makes you happy?


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