Ever discover something about yourself that you had no idea was inside of you?

For my husband’s birthday many years ago I bought him practically-on-the-ice tickets to see the Denver Avalanche. During first period I realized it was me who really wanted those seats. While my husband calmly sipped his beer, I screamed and jumped around in my seat. Who knew I could become so emotionally invested in watching men skate around a rink with sticks, bumping into one another in hopes of whacking a flat round object into a net? My usually reserved, shy, quiet self had been preempted by an automatic and uncontrollable enthusiasm. Except when the kiss cam focused on us. At that point I wanted to crawl under my seat. Every stranger in the arena was staring at me on camera. No thank you. I tried to pretend it was not happening by sitting still and staring into the distance. The crowd booed. My husband finally looked up and realized the source of my horror. He leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. The camera went away. I could breathe again. Anyway…

Today we went to my son’s indoor soccer game, and I was determined to not get carried away. The sign on the plexi-glass says “Be a fan not a fanatic.” It’s like they knew I was coming. When the coach sent my son to be goalie I felt nervous. Among the smallest players on the field, wearing glasses, and through my mother’s eyes I feared he was too vulnerable. But you know what that kid did?  He stopped a bunch of goals! He also let in a few, but he stopped many.  He also scored two goals! What mother could stay calm in the midst of that kind of excitement?  Not this one.


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