Reset button

Yesterday was the kind of day that required a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a grilled cheese for lunch. Even after consuming this childish lunch I continued to unconsciously roam the kitchen as if the room itself could fulfill all my yearnings.

I also caught myself sighing and rolling my eyes.

The last few days have not been easy. I have talked myself out of many a cranky tantrum. Sometimes the brain just wants to go there. It wants to ruminate on what is not working. It can’t see what is good.

Steps to getting out of the funk:

1. Gratitude. Remind myself of how fortunate I am in so many areas of my life

2. Exercise.  Move my body… a reminder of how if you work for change it will happen.

3. Smile. Exercising those smile muscles for upturning the mouth and crinkling the sides of the eyes awakens a happiness within. Also reminds me I need chap stick.

4. Do for others.  Today was easy because it was my husband’s birthday so I made everyone breakfast. Starting out a week day with a breakfast usually reserved for the weekend made everyone happy.

5. Work hard. Days where I focus on my work without my mind distracting me are so much more productive and satisfying.


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