Abundance or Lack Thereof

I highly recommend you read this opinion piece by Arthur C. Brooks in the New York Times titled “Abundance Without Attachment.”

Mr. Brooks asked a Hindu swami if economic prosperity was good or bad. The swami replied that it was good because it saved lives. The problem was attachment to money.

When my financial life took a dive I lost stuff. I also lost my identity. I had no idea how wrapped up in stuff, in buying stuff, in placing things in my amazon cart and in shopping, even if not buying, had consumed my life. I had defined myself by stuff. Stuff I owned and stuff I desired.  

The loss of possessions forced me to look at myself, to reassess, to grow up, and pushed my life in a better direction. However I don’t want to be poor forever. I want to be able to provide my children with life experiences. Yet I’m  grappling with a fear of abundance and the responsibility that brings. I’ll save that worry for a time when its relevant. Right now, I live moment to moment… savoring it all.


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