To Clean or Not to Clean

I hate to clean the kids’ room. In fact I loathe cleaning. Guaranteed if you entered this house any day of the week you will locate dirt. You would not need to look hard. It’s just there. I like to think that the children have no allergies and rarely get sick because of my poor housekeeping. They’ve spent their lives fighting off viruses and bacteria.

The dirt and I usually co-exist without too much trouble until it’s finally so bad that even I cannot ignore it and/or friends and family will be visiting. Then I must scrub a room floor to ceiling. So I entered the kids’ room with spray-able bleach on Saturday. Hours later with a filled, almost bursting garbage bag, I exited a tenser, crankier, meaner mom than when I entered.

The self-berating break down:

  • I hate cleaning up someone else’s mess
  • The kids have no respect for their own stuff
  • The kids have no example to follow as evidenced by the pile of clothes on top of my dresser and the piles of stuff throughout the house

But what really angered me was that the youngest child had hidden chocolate Easter eggs filled with caramel. She had eaten half of the chocolate on the outside and left the caramel to ooze and then harden  onto a shelf that was impossible to clean. Which leads me to…

  • Why had I waited so long to clean this mess? and the accompanying question…
  • Why had I allowed my children to live in such filth?
    • Other children have been in our house and seen this disgusting mess. How insanely embarrassing.

To break it down further… I fear judgment of others, including that of six and eight year old children. Despite making a conscious choice to not clean more frequently; I hate myself for not cleaning more frequently. That means I need to clean more frequently or better yet, (why should I take all the responsibility here?) I can create a giant list of rules for the kids to prevent future gigantic disasters.

Rule #1 No Hiding Candy

Rule #2 I can’t think of another rule at this moment… that’s how bad my cleaning skills are. However! When I do come up with a plan those kids are going to hear about it.


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