Happy New Year!!!


Baddha konasana – Bound Angle Pose

The photo of me above was taken by my six-year old this morning. This pose has been one of my favorites ever since I first began practicing yoga. Yogis refer to the hips as the “junk drawer” or “storage depot” for emotions that we bottle up or choose to ignore. Baddha konasana releases some of that tension.

The pose has always been a welcome relief for me. It may or may not provide you with the same feeling. But whatever your body does in this pose, observe it, do not judge it. You are guaranteed to learn something about your body simply by doing it. How cool is that?  Take the pose slowly, methodically, mindfully. Hold the pose as you breathe through your nose for about eight breaths. As carefully as you entered the pose, straighten your legs forward to release.

A common direction in baddha konasana is to have your heels as close to the body as possible, but no matter where your heels are placed, you are going to feel a stretch. Just be sure that the stretch is not in the knees. By pressing down with the ankles and opening your feet like a book, you should release any pressure in the knees. If not, then come out of the pose. If the pose feels like too much of a stretch then place blankets or blocks under your thighs to keep them in place. I like to place a blanket under my behind to form a more upright spine.

Clear out some of that old junk from 2014 and find some freedom and clarity in 2015!

Read more about how to do bound angle pose at Yoga Journal, Yoga Basics, and Yoga Anatomy.




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