Kicking Sugar. Again. Part 2

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Missed Part 1? Find it here.

Even though my mother attempted to teach me to say no to baked goods; it was a lesson I was not ready to learn. Last spring, maybe 35 years after being denied an Emily’s chocolate chip cookie,  I finally acknowledged that my sugar consumption was out of control. I was impulsively eating sugar depending on how much anxiety and uncertainty I felt in a given moment. Not sure how to complete a report? Pop a piece of chocolate. Worried that I was a bad parent? Bake cookies, then indulge. Baked goods filled emotional crevices.

My sugar addiction is rooted in comforting memories, emotional needs, and my enjoyment  of baking.  Measuring the ingredients, mixing them properly, pouring them into a prepared pan, smelling the results that emanate from the oven, and eating the finished product is a comforting task for me.

When I decided to cut the sugar I wrote down the top ten reasons sugar harms the body. I’m glad I did it because I need reminding.

  1. Yeast. Those little guys love to live off sugar. Colonies can grow in our bodies and feed off our sugar habits. This also leads to lots of itchiness in an area of the body that cannot be scratched publicly. [read more here]
  2. Gas. Stomach pains. Stopping oneself from farting in front of others all day is hard work. [read more here]
  3. Brain. Want to keep your treasured memories? [read more here]
  4. Cravings. Not only does eating a lot of sugar not sate our appetites, but then our bodies continue to crave more sugar! [read more here]
  5. Depression. What we eat affects our mood. Without sugar we can talk ourselves into happier modes of thought. [read more here]
  6. Weight. If we eat less sugar, we will lose weight. [read more here]
  7. Nausea. Fluctuating blood sugar can make us feel like we are adrift in a small boat. (If that does not make you feel sick then you are made of iron.) [read more here]
  8. Tooth decay. How many cavities can one tooth take before it’s no longer a tooth?  [read more here]
  9. Wrinkles. Don’t want to look like a prune? [read more here]
  10. Diabetes. No need to say more than that. It causes a whole host of health issues. [read more here]

Just today my husband sent me this article:

Scientific team sounds the alarm on sugar as a source of disease.”

Convinced sugar is bad? Not sure how to give it up? That’s the topic of the next post.


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