No Action Is a Choice Part 2

Dirty train window. Sunset.

Dear Reader I was so busy berating myself for silence yesterday that I forgot to conclude with an important point. I meant to conclude yesterday’s post No Action is a Choice, by encouraging us all to not become victims of our own life. Blaming others is easy. It’s more difficult to face the consequences of our own actions (or inaction).

But what if you are a victim?

Mariya Karimjee’s clitoris was removed at age seven. She tells her story in this long piece titled: Damage. She, of course, did not choose this. But must live with the consequences of her familys’ Muslim sect’s religious beliefs.

Once Karimjee understood the meaning of her loss she became angry. Her rage has impacted relationships with the most important people in her life.

How do we accept a part of ourselves that we have no say in?

I believe we must choose love over anger. We don’t have to like what happened, but we must accept it as a part of ourselves and find the most positive outcome. For Karimjee, that means writing about a part of herself that she had hidden away.


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