I don’t usually talk about television. Wait. That’s a wee fib. Scratch that. I talk about television occasionally; however I do not spend a large percentage of my time in front of it. That said, let’s chat about tv for a moment.

First of all… do you have any recommendations? I do not have cable, but I watch what I can from online sources. Please do not suggest anything serious or scary. I can’t handle it. Mirth is all that I am willing to expend on television.

I do have a recommendation for you, if I may… Comedy Central’s Review, (currently available on Amazon for Prime Members), is about Forrest MacNeil the host of his own television show where he rates life experiences suggested by his audience. MacNeil, ever dedicated to his craft, suffers through some difficult challenges. His confident awkwardness and life insight make for an entertaining show.

Like Forrest MacNeil, I considered rating life experiences. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most satisfying) reading my horoscope would get a three because though it provides me with nothing of value, I do like to read Rob Brezny and his interesting insight. Then I considered writing this blog which brings up a whole host of emotions. Writing daily is challenging but something I do enjoy. The painful part is the fear of putting myself out there, free and open to criticism. In a pain causing sense blog writing should be given a one. But rewards must come from reaching out to the world. Right? Seems like someone told me that… or I believed that…  Blog writing deserves a ten because it forces me outside my comfort zone and that seems like a good start to 2015…


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