Live for the moment

A groundhog day parade with Essex Ed always uplifts February.

Why do we make a choice even with the knowledge that we will probably regret it later?

Perhaps choosing momentary comfort feels more important than potential regrets later. The future is only predictable to a certain extent. For example, you know if you drink too much you will end up with a hangover, but then you remember that one time you thought you had too much but then didn’t get a hangover.

So then your thought process might go something like… this wine tastes delicious, and the weatherman predicts snow tomorrow, and look at THAT…. the school superintendant just cancelled school!  Why yes… I should drink more of this wine and eat more of this cheese dip  because tomorrow we will be trapped in the house and why do I need to feel healthy every day anyway? Who made up that rule?

That’s a possible train of thought.

Live for the moment. Unless you will regret it later. Of course.



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