Shrug It Off

Do you carry tension in your neck and shoulders? Most of us do.

Explore with me if you will. Shrug your shoulders. Pull them up to your ears. Hold it a few seconds. Then release. How does it feel? Try it again.

You are feeling the trapezius muscle. The trapezius takes up a large portion of our upper back and neck. See it in the photo below? It begins in the mid-back, then moves up the spine,  across to each shoulder, up the back of the neck, and then ends right below the head.

The trapezius is a fascinating muscle because unlike other lazy muscles that droop toward the floor, this one defies gravity.

Watch your shoulders throughout the day in different situations. When you are experiencing tension do your shoulders begin to rise? Maybe one shoulder moves up further than the other.

Less stress in your shoulders and neck can have a huge impact on taming stressful thoughts.

Relieving Neck & Shoulder Tension from Yoga International provides some easy poses to ease discomfort. Give it a try.


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