Financial Stress


According an American Physiological Association survey 64% of Americans reported that money was somewhat or a very significant source of stress. Young people and those in lower income households had remarkably more stress than higher income adults, especially since a similar survey was taken in 2007.

What if we look at it from another perspective?

An American person in the bottom 5% of income earners is still richer than just under 70% of the world’s inhabitants. (from Wisegeek)

Stress is a result of a feeling, an emotion in our brain due to a thought process. Stress can arise if you believe you are entitled. Stress can also take root if you compare yourself to others. If you are forced out of your home or do not know how you will eat tomorrow, that is real stress.

We live in a privileged country with a vast number of options and opportunities. Even on a small income we live better than most of the world. That’s our reality.


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