The whole family went snowshoeing yesterday.  I usually avoid outings into the snow, but I have a “say yes” policy for 2015, and hand warmers to prevent bloodless fingers (reynauds = painful). The weather was above freezing for the first time in weeks? It feels like months. Okay maybe it has been days. Above freezing was around 34 degrees with an eternally grey sky that has felt more oppressive than ever. I’m going on faith that the sun still exists. It does right?

This was the kids first snowshoeing expedition. Trudging through the snow with a flapping piece of plastic attached to their feet, snow flying up behind them, they had to work hard. Snowshoes and snowshoes with entire boots were left behind in piles of snow more than once. Each time a kid fell, he/she picked himself back up, found his lost shoes, and kept going. Running even. They explored the snow-covered woods we frequent, now a seemingly new place. No complaints. Snowballs and laughter took precedence.

We found happiness in gray, cold, snowy weather… an unexpected surprise.


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