Photo Credit: CircaSassy via Compfigh
Photo Credit: CircaSassy via Compfight

My grandmother used to admonish me for my poor posture. “Throw your shoulders back!” she would bark at me. Just to spite her I was determined to keep my posture just the way it was! Also when I did what she asked it felt totally uncomfortable and unnatural.

I hate to admit it but my grandmother was right… my posture was horrible and it needed to be fixed. But throwing back your shoulders is not the best instruction to get better posture.

Good posture is important, as we all know, because it supports our skeleton most efficiently and prevents injury.

Beyond the physical aspects of posture, how we feel about ourselves and our mental state reflects in how we carry our body.  Lack of self confidence and anxiety can result in rounded shoulders and a head moving forward from the spine.

Take care of your mind. Take care of your spine.

Tips for perfect posture here.

More on exercises to improve posture next time.



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