Better Posture Exercises


When we think of good posture, visions of an upright spine usually come to mind. Though the spine is part of it, it all starts in the feet. If you have flat feet it can cause an anterior pelvic tilt. In fact the position of your feet can tell you a lot about the position of your pelvis, and by extension, your posture in general. For more information on how your feet are reflected into your hips and vice versa read here. The placement of your pelvis, shoulders, and neck are all involved in making good posture.

While exercises should be tailored to your specific posture weaknesses here are three different and quick exercise routines to stretch muscles and move the body back into balance.

If you sit at a computer for any time, it’s important to be mindful of the placement of your shoulders, neck, and head. Constantly throughout the day I pull my head back, stretch my neck, and move my shoulders down my back. My grandmother would be so proud! Now go impress your grandmother.


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