Valentine Crafting

About four years ago (where has time gone?) the kids were in preschool and I was working full time on a project with a tight deadline. When Valentines Day arrived, recalling my own childhood Valentine exchange, we went to Walmart, bought some cheap cards on which they could scribble their names (and I could legibly write them) and then sent them off to school.

When I picked up the kids from school they each had a bag full of candy and homemade gifts. Apparently I missed the memo on creativity. I had a moment of horror that all the other mothers were laughing at me, but then quickly forgave myself knowing my impending deadline. Mostly I was concerned that my kids were embarrassed with their tiny card offering in comparison to everyone else’s. But they, being small, beamed with excitement over the cool stuff they brought home.

I have no problem being the non-crafty mom. I’m sure I have another skill to make up for it… though I cannot identify one at this moment. I have faith there’s something!

So why did I decide this year was a good one for crafting a something special for Valentine’s Day? I’m not sure. Perhaps because I don’t have a tight work deadline. Or maybe I want my kids to feel like they fit in with those other cool kids with crafty moms.

When I saw the photo above on Pinterest and read the directions I thought… “I can handle that.” But the project slowly unfurled as  pink, red, and white sprinkles spilled onto the floor and across the counter, I broke cookies, and chocolate covered me instead of the cookie. The kids were engaged briefly but then a lack of sprinkles and chocolate stalled the project and I was left to tie tags onto partially chocolate-coated pops with ribbon.

They looked fine in a pile…




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