View from the train this morning. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson?

I baked the corn muffins I mentioned yesterday. I highly you suggest you do the same. Not too sweet. Just right. The entire process of making the muffin to eating it was satisfying.

When our work is not that clear cut, we often become stressed or even depressed. Everyone wants to work knowing that a yummy muffin (or its equivalent) is at the end. Yet sometimes we must continue to work without reward.

I saw a fancy  quote on Pinterest the other day that said we should chase the feeling that we imagine we will get at the end of our work. That’s setting up someone for a major disappointment. Have you ever worked on a project to completion and then felt totally empty? Often the feeling of satisfaction or awards show to recognize your genius are lacking.

If we don’t enjoy the process of our work, then it’s time to find new work.  The work itself provides the satisfaction. Of course we all need goals. In fact those goals are necessary to keep us working. But to achieve our goals, we need to enjoy the work.

Recognition of our daily efforts will help to make our work more meaningful. When we do finally encounter failure, we will know that it is not the sum of who we are. We accomplish tasks daily, make progress, and sometimes create something amazing. We also make mistakes.

Chasing external rewards will provide short increments of happiness. We can create happiness everyday by allowing ourselves to be grateful for what we do.






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