Usually when we categorize the word pain, it goes in the “no thank you” pile. But I’ve come to think pain is actually our friend. The extreme stretching of muscle, bone, and skin in childbirth brings forth an amazing gift. While other pain like stubbing your toe seems senseless. But of course it’s a reminder to pay attention. Pain from fever seems pointless in the moment, but has the purpose to ward off foreign invaders… your body’s reaction to keep you healthy.

Pain is an intrinsic part of life. Nature’s way of telling you that though you may experience joy, to really understand it, you’ll need to appreciate the antithesis. Pain helps us transform our bodies for the better. “No pain no gain,” they say. Trainers want you to learn to love the burn because then nothing will stop you from exercising every day.

If we didn’t experience pain how would we make better decisions for ourselves? Like that time you ate too much Halloween candy and then learned that your mother was right.  Once you experience the pain, you know the decisions you need to make to stop it from happening again.

Even pain that you have no control over, like heart break can create new opportunities and fresh perspective on life. Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s has a beautiful take. Watch her here.

If we don’t heed pain’s warning message then we will forever be trapped making the same decisions and staying in the same place.  We don’t need to become masochists but we do need to listen to what pain is trying to tell us. It’s like that service light in the car. (Do new cars still have those?) The light is a warning of what may or may not happen depending on our actions. Will we choose to heed it or wait til the car no longer moves?


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