The Morning Ritual

Do you ever feel like you drag yourself out of bed in the morning only to jump into a crazy morning routine that makes your mind spin? This used to be me. I started every morning checking email and yelling at children to get ready while I stuffed their lunch boxes with food.

By 8 AM, when the kids were waiting for the bus, I was sitting at my desk crankily staring at the computer again. My morning energy was spent reacting to email messages and bullying children to keep moving (while feeling bad about myself for doing so). By the time I sat down to work I was already cranky and my day was just beginning.

I decided to stop this daily hamster wheel by getting out of bed before the kids. In those moments of alone calm I gave myself permission to do anything except look at a computer. My time alone could be an hour or ten minutes. It did not matter. Even a small amount of time allowed me a chance to check in with myself before anyone had a chance to ask me for anything. It allowed me to set my intentions for the day and then I was able to act more kindly and calmly toward everyone else.

I now have morning rituals, down to the food I eat, that start my day right. Reading that right now made me think, “this woman sounds a controlling.” That’s probably true. But if that is what it takes for me to keep my sanity then so be it.

My day begins by entering the silence of morning, noticing the air as it enters my lungs, and the feeling the support of the floor beneath me.

Other bloggers have written about their morning routines. Here are two examples…

Zen Habits “Creating a Lovely Morning

Rowdy Kittens “How I Created an Inspiring Morning Routine



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