The Thaw

This morning, despite the nonstop snowy, icy weather since January, a new bird was singing outside my window. Suddenly the freezing weather ceased and snow began to melt. Along with a melodic, warmer, wetter outdoors, the thaw brought mental relief and a dawn of inner spirit.

When trapped in 10 degree weather with numb fingers and toes, time felt as though it ceased. Of course it hadn’t. Time meandered forward while the Earth slowly, carefully, calculatingly shifted its axial tilt, and then invited us outside.

Impatience caused time to linger. Yet wishing away time was antithetical to living. Sensations, whether it’s beauty, pain, heart wrenching, ecstatic, numbing, or vibrant… all blend to form an unchoreographed dance to treasure… now complete with a twittering morning chorus.


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