The lull before the spring

Spring sort of sprang this past week. It is long overdue. The cloudy cool weather had sent the entire northeast into a depression. While I have not stopped wearing a sweater, my kids, undeterred, have moved on to shorts and short sleeves. I am encouraged by their faith that the weather will continue to improve.

My kids, especially my son, are optimists. They don’t get bogged down by the small stuff. Recently when the car broke down at a rest stop when we were supposed to be travelling out of state, my eight year old son declared it to be the best vacation ever. He seemed to have more fun than if we had reached our destination! Of course he has the benefit of being a child and none of the responsibility of making decisions. But still, I wish I could bottle his enthusiasm and sense of adventure rather than laying awake fearing the worst possible outcome.

They also find play where  ever they are. Today on a river bank my son immediately began building a sand castle and when the wake of a motor boat destroyed it, he tried another design. My daughter sought out the shiniest rocks possible to stuff in her pockets and they both attempted skipping rocks across the water. They are naturally experimental, undeterred, and adventurous.

As an adult it feels like I must work for what my children so easily just do. I must consciously want adventure and make it happen and remind myself to experiment and not fear failure. Maybe it gets easier the more you do it?


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