When I first practiced yoga I left class calm and relieved of tension. I would look back at class and try to understand what I had done. Physically of course, I had moved my body in ways I had not considered previously. But mentally I had a peace that my ever-busy, worrying, anxious brain had never experienced.  Looking back I can see that as I physically let go of tension in my muscles, allowed my breath to unwind my body, and my mind focused on how to make that happen, I was honing in on what really mattered in life.  

Nothing about this was obvious at the time.

So when the time came that life was at its most difficult, when I doubted myself, everything, and everyone… I capitulated and looked into my fear.

I surrendered my ego, the thin veil of “I,” to which I had been clinging and causing my stress.  

I identified my truth from which I had been running haphazardly.

I identified the important elements in my life that needed cultivating.

I tapped into a peace that I knew would be able to soothe me even in the most difficult situations.

To properly focus on the inner me, all I needed was to locate my breath… to remind myself that I was alive…. and that the source of my well being and the power to fix my reactions to life were within me.

Surrender, according to the dictionary, means “to relinquish possession or control (of something) to another because of demand or compulsion.” Synonyms for surrender include “capitulate,” “yield,” “relinquish,” “acquiesce,” “submission,” and “resignation.”

Surrender appears to imply the loss of something to another. It also suggests a weakness, either physically or mentally. We all think of surrender as applying to someone else… Right? Why would I ever need to surrender? When armies surrender they lose a country. Cults demand the surrender to a crazy, controlling leader.

But what if surrender isn’t so scary? What if surrender is a way to tap into our own inner wisdom, endless love, and create a more positive and empowered way to live life?

Our egos, those thin sensitive membranes of thought that pervade the brain, grasp onto material objects, concepts, and people that it wants to associate itself with. It can take us through our days with flimsy fantasies that unwisely guide our decisions and choices. The “ego,” the ever powerful “I,” can make us do and say things that deep down we know are not leading us down the right path.

The brain is yet another muscle in the body, sometimes when we have a weak muscle, the body begins to rely on another to do the job. This alternate muscle can do it, but eventually it causes pain because it has been given too much to do and the body is out of alignment. Likewise in the brain, sometimes we rely on the ego, the “I,” to do too much propping up of our identities where we would be better served by listening to an inner wisdom that does not depend on the outside world for affirmation.

What if we could break through the ego? What if the ego could surrender to a greater guide embedded within? This inner voice makes decisions, not based on how our hair looks on a given day, or how we feel others are treating us, but guides our days according to what really matters and according to who we really are.

Surrender all worldly worries, possessions, and desires of the ego, and discover hidden powers within!


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