Welcome to my small slice of internet!  I’m so glad you are here.

I’m on a mission to understand the human mind and body in order to live a more happy and fulfilled life. This blog is about my findings and experiences, the successful and not so successful.

I am a writer and research historian who exercises and meditates daily.

When I reached age 40 I took a long look in the mirror to realize that the unhappy thoughts in my head were written all over my face. I committed to making a happier life for myself, not just for me, but also for my family. They deserved a happy and kind mother/wife… not the negative, cranky woman who greeted them every morning.

After spending a couple of years of exercising, meditating, and trying to change my outlook to a more positive perspective I visited the grocery store and for, what felt like the first time, I noticed everyone shuffling through the grocery store like myself. Our heads down, minds entangled in anxious thoughts, bodies hunched over our grocery carts and I knew that I had to reach out to other people. As a shy introvert, it does not come naturally.

Email me at thia (at) swampcicada (dot) com

Best, Thia

Swamp cicada?  What’s that?  It’s an insect that lives in the trees and makes a loud whirring noise in the summer. I find it comforting. It conjures memories of pedaling my big wheel in a hot street and using a stick to write in hot asphalt.

Find my “5 Morning Habits to Change Your Life” here.


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