What does it mean to live a Modern Spritual Lifestyle? I’m here to find out. A little background about me…

As a child I would pray for my father take me out for a donut after Sunday School to avoid the boring church service… well maybe I wanted to eat a donut:)

Skip ahead to my 40’s and life had not gone as planned. I needed something. So as any modern and enlighted soul would do, I asked Google for answers. Church works for lots of people, but given my experience in childhood, it was not for me. The internet introduced me to many individuals with lots of advice, yet I felt as though I was still missing something.

Eventually I found what I needed inside myself and yet it was greater than myself. When I looked into the deepest darkest corner of my psyche I found a scared person who wanted to be loved, and all at once I knew that I was loved by the power and source of everything. I was surrounded by LOVE. It’s how I know you are loved too, eternally and unconditionally.

How would I incorporate this revelation into my life? How can we, with the guidance of LOVE, live a spiritually conscious life? Each person has their own answer.

I’m on a neverending mission to refine my own definition of the Modern Spiritual Lifestyle. What is yours?

Thank you for being here.



Find my “5 Morning Habits to Change Your Life” here.


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