Our back yard is filled with violets. We endure long grass and tall weeds so we can experience the violet hue for as long as possible. I photograph their beauty by tiptoeing among their impromptu spring get-together. I want to capture their essence… their fragility: the violet that bleeds into white seamlessly, the violet that stands so brightly against its green […]

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Where I’m At

At some point in March I became sick for a few days. My gut bacteria became totally unbalanced and with it, my mental clarity. A direct correlation exists between happy bacteria in my belly and a positive state of mind. Without this balance I am a lost leaf floating on breeze. This inevitably leads to […]

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The lull before the spring

Spring sort of sprang this past week. It is long overdue. The cloudy cool weather had sent the entire northeast into a depression. While I have not stopped wearing a sweater, my kids, undeterred, have moved on to shorts and short sleeves. I am encouraged by their faith that the weather will continue to improve. […]

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Connecting Human to Human

I was speaking to another parent this evening and we both commented on how nice the other parents in town were. Each parent I meet is concerned and focused on doing their best for their kids. We all have an immediate sense of comradery over this parenting gig and it’s comforting to know that we […]

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The Thaw

This morning, despite the nonstop snowy, icy weather since January, a new bird was singing outside my window. Suddenly the freezing weather ceased and snow began to melt. Along with a melodic, warmer, wetter outdoors, the thaw brought mental relief and a dawn of inner spirit. When trapped in 10 degree weather with numb fingers and toes, time […]

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The Morning Ritual

Do you ever feel like you drag yourself out of bed in the morning only to jump into a crazy morning routine that makes your mind spin? This used to be me. I started every morning checking email and yelling at children to get ready while I stuffed their lunch boxes with food. By 8 AM, when […]

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