Out of the Comfort Zone

I decided to join a contest held by Blogilates (aka Casey Ho) to win some fitness clothes from her new line called Popflexactive. Participation required me to post photographs of myself on Instagram doing a specific pose for each of the first 14 days of February and then write a bit about each day’s hashtag. Most Popsters (as […]

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Simple Revelation

Today, as I sat I was reading my emails I came across one from a blogger that I follow. Her question to all her email subscribers was: What is your biggest challenge right now? I felt compelled to reply. I had so many thoughts and questions swirling in my head. As I composed my answer […]

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Group Meditation

I wrote a few words on an experience with group meditation. Elephant Journal was kind enough to publish them. Check out the link below. .Lessons on Ego in Group Meditation

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When I first practiced yoga I left class calm and relieved of tension. I would look back at class and try to understand what I had done. Physically of course, I had moved my body in ways I had not considered previously. But mentally I had a peace that my ever-busy, worrying, anxious brain had […]

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Slow and Steady

As I drove past the speed limit sign I peered at my speedometer. I was driving 5 miles per hour under the speed limit. For a person who just five years ago raced around Denver, Colorado as though it gave my life purpose, it felt like a victory. I now stop walking to view clouds. I […]

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Should and Supposed to

Should… What should I be doing right now? That’s usually the voice of someone else telling me what to do. That voice could be someone close to me like my children. “You should let us eat sugar all day.” Or it could be the voice from the television, “You should drive a BMW so you can […]

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